Information to Migrants

Whangārei is the northernmost city in New Zealand and the regional capital of Northland Region. It is part of the Whangārei District, a local body created in 1989 from the former Whangārei City, Whangārei County and Hikurangi Town councils, to administer both the city proper and its hinterland. Whangārei Central is the main business district. The city's urban area spreads through the valleys of the surrounding area.

WMA is a Whangarei based association of people of origin from the South Indian State ‘Kerala‘ who speak the language ‘Malayalam’. The main purpose of the association is to provide a safe platform to care and share among families and individuals who have similar backgrounds and interests. MMA aims to act as a buffer to help new members integrate to Maidstone life. We cultivate cultural values, promote traditional art forms and help the kids to learn their mother tongue ‘Malayalam ‘so that they grow with traditional values and wisdom incorporated with British values. 


The Association organises platforms for celebrating traditional and regional festivals like ‘Onam’, ‘Christmas’, and other cultural fests, where all families get together in regional attires to perform traditional arts and cultural performances.


WMA aims to give a general idea on the accommodations available in an around Whagarei.

Whangarei Suburbs can be divided into three,

-       Northern Suburbs includes area like Kamo, Tikipunga, Mairstown, Regent, Kensignton, Whau Valley, Otangarei

-       Southern/Western Suburbs includes area like Morningside, Raumanga, Maunu, Horahora, Woodhill, Avanues

-       Eastern Suburbs includes area like Riverside, Port Whangarei, Onerahi, Parahaki


Northtec Campus where the CAP courses are being conducted is situated in Raumanga Area, while the major hospital which is Whangarei Hospital is in Maunu Area. It is noted that the majority of the Malayalee community resides over in Maunu, Kamo, Tikipunga areas.

As far as Malayalee Community is concerned, a freshly arrived personal/family to Whangarei shall be required to source out a rental accommodation. If it is for a bachelor/single accommodation, you can make an enquiry in our WhatsApp group, which may be answered by any of the existing Malayalee member and can successfully obtain sharing accommodation. The same can be applicable for the family accommodation too.  

However, there are property management companies, who advertises on the rental properties. The process of the same are, firstly register in their website for a viewing on the advertised property, then attend the viewing & have to wait for their update on the same. The usual websites like FB Market Place, Trademe, etc can be also used for the same. At any point of time, if you feel to get an assistance; you can message the committee.

Below is a list of important things you are advised to do as soon as possible after arriving in New Zealand.

  • Open a bank account.
  • Register with IRD (Inland Revenue Department)
  • Register with a General Physician (GP)
  • Enrol your children in a school.
  • Apply for a driver’s licence.

The necessity shopping of groceries of the Malayalee Community is with PaknSave, Countdown & New World. There are few shops where we can find Keralite groceries, they make deliveries too. There are many Indian Restaurants, which serves South Indian cuisines.


For the Malayalee Community, we believe that we have only Churches & Mosque available for the religious ceremonies in Whangarei. Those are St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church (https://www.whangareicatholic.org.nz/), Malankara Marthoma Syrian Church, Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church, Islamic Mosque (https://www.whangareimasjid.co.nz), etc.


The Malayalee Community joins hands together in every summer for the social playing of Cricket. There are various options for the interested personals to join any game of their choices like badminton, football, hockey, cricket, swimming, tennis, etc.


Whangarei has a film theatre named Event Cinemas where Malayalam movies get released on regular basis (https://www.eventcinemas.co.nz/cinema/whangarei).


The major jobs occupied by the Malayalee Community are in Healthcare Sectors (Registered Nurses, Health Care Assistants, Support Workers, etc). There are opportunities for the industries such as construction, software, data management, restaurant etc.


The city has free attractions in and around the city so you don’t have to worry about spending too much when exploring Whangarei. While there are some free and cheap activities on this list that you can access on foot from Whangarei city centre, note that a lot of the attractions are spread out across the city. Having your own transport will make it easier to see all these free things to do in Whangarei. Some of well-known attractions are Whangarei Waterfalls, Abbey Caves, Town Basin Marina, Hatea Loop Walkway, Quarry Gardens, Mt Manaia, Mt Parihaka, Botanica, Kiwi North, Clock Museum, Art Museum, AH Reed Kauri Park, etc. You are advised to visit District Council Website for further information & updates https://www.wdc.govt.nz