Early childhood education (ECE)

ECE is known in New Zealand as preschool and childcare for anyone under five. ECE centres are licensed by the Ministry of Education and play a pivotal role in settling children into a new culture. Moreover, it also assists parents while juggling work and other commitments. There are enough ECE centres around each locality. There will be a cost associated with enrolment of children under the age of two years. At age 2, some families qualify for 20 hours of free ECE based on their income. All children in the age group of 3 to 5 are eligible for 20 free ECE hours per week (This is available to all children In New Zealand, irrespective of permanent status).

Primary school education

All children aged 5 are eligible for primary school education in New Zealand. Your child’s education is free at state school if they are a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident. Primary school education ranges from Years 0 to 8. In some areas, children go to an intermediate school for years 7 and 8. School enrolment is usually restricted to families living within the school's zone. However, some religious-based schools, such as the St Francis Xavier Catholic school, prioritise enrolment for children of the same religion. There is a cost of approx. 550 $ per year tuition fee at St Francis Xavier Catholic school. The other most common Primary schools where our community children go are Hurupaki School, Maunu primary school, Whangarei primary school, Kamo primary school, and Maungatapere School.

Secondary school education

Secondary education is for children in Years 9 to 13, which is usually when they are between 13 and 19 years old. This is also traditionally called High school. There are state schools, state-integrated schools and private schools. Education in state schools is free for New Zealand citizens or permanent residents. The prominent secondary schools our community children attend are Whangarei Boy’s High School, Whangarei Girl’s High School and Pompallier Catholic College.